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Expert service

Integrex designs, develops and manufactures the hardware and software for digital e-top up, checkout, postal and print kiosks – from basic information displays to complex transactional systems. Our team write all the software in-house so that everything is tailored exactly to suit your system requirements.

We supply all the components of the kiosk processor, software, touch displays, wiring and delivery and can integrate money-handling modules for notes, coins and Chip and PIN as well as contactless payment methods.

Made to measure.

Integrex can provide off-the-shelf products when required but many of our clients prefer to utilise our extensive experience in designing bespoke kiosks in order to meet all of their needs. Our team will involve you in every stage of the process from preliminary design and prototyping to manufacture, installation and support.

We have designed kiosk software and hardware for many leading retailers including Vodafone, Tesco and Jersey Post. Just let us know what you want, and when you want it, and we will create a unique kiosk tailored just for you.



Design services.

Integrex offers a complete cradle to grave design, development and manufacturing facility, with the latest design tools and equipment. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative solutions to complex problems, drawing upon a wealth of experience in many disciplines.

Integrex engineering staff fulfil all the design roles, from conception through development to manufacture. In-house CAD systems are used extensively, for schematics and PCB layout, processing and mechanical design. The latest manufacturing techniques are called upon to produce finished products, including laser-cutting and NC machining. Integrex offers a wide range of electronic and electro-mechanical design and engineering capabilities and skills.

Our capabilities.

Electronics research & development.
Hardware & software design & development.
Schematic capture & PCB design (up to 8 layers).
Device Programming.
3-D design & visualisation.
Embedded software & Windows-based software.
• Sourcing
• PCB Assembly
• Wiring
• Integration
• Testing
• Packaging and shipment
Mechanical design – housing, electromechanical systems.
CE Testing.