Sense Flex

Mobile, portable interactive Sensory System – Electronically Height adjustable
Can do a range of interactive projection sizes from 1.35m (W) to 1.03m (H) through to 2.24m (H) x 3.1m (W)
It can do table projection as well as floor projection from the same unit

The Flex combines new technology with simple design to provide an affordable, fully portable system for use in schools or at home. The Flex creates colourful, engaging floor projections which respond and interact to body movement. The Flex creates a complete sensory zone by allowing even those with limited movement to alter many aspects of their immediate environment. The Flex is electronically height adjustable allowing the projected surface to work equally well on the floor, table, or bed

Any image, video and audio file can be added to the many effects available enabling teachers or parents to design specific programmes for individual users.

The Flex is simple to operate. A full training manual and telephone support is provided as part of the package.

The Flex software and high brightness projector create multiple themes and images which are combined with in-built speakers and amp for excellent audio effects. A range of stimulating interactive and colourful themes includes ‘Splat the Balloons’, ‘Scatter the Flowers’ and an interactive fish pond. With the addition of electronic height adjustment the projected image is responsive on all surfaces offering total flexibility and is ideal for any school or home environment.

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