Immersive Rooms by Integrex.

Using the latest motion tracking technology our immersive rooms are fully interactive, featuring highly responsive interactive floors and interactive walls whether you need just one wall or 360° of interaction.

What’s more, with edge blend technology your immersive room can feature content that can seamlessly wrap around corners, use curved projection or produce large panoramic landscapes. Tied into our range of sensory hardware we can create a truly immersive environment. Imagine an ocean scene being projected with interactive water ripples & swimming fish with all the lights in the room set to blue to create an underwater feel. Or a bonfire being projected with a burst of smoke from the smoke machine with a smoke smell from the aromatherapy unit. Or even a snowflake scatter projection with a blast of wind from the wind machine. With our immersive rooms the possibilities are endless.

Our Range of sensory hardware includes:
• Wind Machine
• Smoke Machine
• Aromatherapy Unit
• Coloured lighting
• Bubble Walls
• UV lights
• Star Ceiling
• Soft padding (optional vibration)


Integrex immersive rooms are custom designed to meet your needs, working closely with our Sensory Specialists we can ensure that you will have a modern, high tech immersive room to meet your specific needs. All aspects of an Integrex immersive room are customisable from the number of projected or interactive surfaces, the colour of soft padded walls and floors to the scents produced by the Aromatherapy unit.

We produce 3D drawings & visualisations for all of our immersive rooms to help you picture your custom room allowing you to customise every detail.


The Integrex immersive room is all controlled through our easy to use Sensory Room software.
Featuring over fifteen interactive theme types, hundreds of pre-created themes and a library of over one thousand pictures and videos you can create your own content easily using the simple wizard based editor. If you can’t find the image or video you need in our extensive library you can easily import your own either from picture, video or streamed from YouTube.
Easily switch between multiple schedules using the swipe card reader system meaning a teacher can walk into the room swipe their card and instantly the software will start to play their custom playlist.
All Sensory hardware can be controlled through the playlist scheduler, activating and deactivating or changing colour or scent as the themes change.
Our remote editor allows you to create content for the immersive room from your desk using your teacher laptop and import them into the room, so that this valuable resource is not tied up creating content when it could be being used.

COVID-19 Update!
We are open.

Our offices are still open for orders, quotes and technical support.

Remote Demonstrations and training available and all products delivered safely.