Customise a Paint Activity

Enhance your user experience by crafting a personalized Paint activity. This interactive feature not only empowers you to unleash your imagination but also offers the exciting opportunity to infuse life and vibrancy into black and white images or videos.




Establish the activity’s core by incorporating a captivating background image or video, setting the stage for an engaging experience.



Infuse vitality into the background by duplicating it in the foreground, resulting in an engaging colouring activity or bring the background to life by introducing a second video or image, which creates a dynamic revealing activity, adding an exciting element to your experience.


Enhance the immersive experience by introducing a stimulating background sound that accompanies the user’s engagement with the activity.


Integrate a title and description into the activity to act as navigational aids, simplifying its discovery and comprehension and providing clarity regarding its intended purpose. Elevate its appeal by including an enticing preview, aimed at inspiring repeated usage. Finally, ensure accessibility across all your connected devices by saving the activity with a simple click, making it readily available for seamless use.