Sense Flex +

All the features of the SENse Flex but with the added benefit of Gesture wall projection

Height adjustable at the touch of a button, fully mobile with castors.
Variable Projection size from 1.35m (W) x 1.03m (H) to 3.1m (W) to 2.24m (H).

Can easily be used for table, wall, or floor projection all from one unit.

The SENse Flex + has an in-built gesture camera, simply lay the SENse Flex+ onto its back and it will project an image onto the wall and will allow you to interact with the theme on the wall via gesture. Within the software the ability to use the webcam will allow you to see yourself while interacting with the projection. The SENse Flex+ really is the most versatile projection unit in the range, choose between floor, table, or wall all from one unit!

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