Portable, affordable sensory system.

The SENse Mini combines high technology with simple design to provide an affordable fully portable system for use in schools or at home.

The SENse Mini creates colourful, engaging floor projections which responds and interact with body movement.

On the go.

Being the size and weight of a medium sized suitcase, the SENse Mini can be carried easily from room to room or transported using the wheeled base.

The SENse Mini creates a complete sensory zone by allowing even those with limited movement to alter many aspects of their immediate environment.

Picture perfect.


The Integrex SENse Micro software and high brightness projector create multiple themes and images which are combined with in-built speakers for audio effects. The range of stimulating interactive and colourful themes includes ‘Splat the balloons’, ‘scatter the leaves’ and the interactive fishpond.

The SENse Mini has a maximum projection size of 109 x 143cm, With the addition of its unique DVD projection feature the low-cost SENse Mini is ideal for any school or home environment

The SENse Mini comes with approx. 300 premade pieces of interactive content to get you started and the ability to add any image, video, or audio file to create your own interactive content.

SENse Mini £4250 + VAT
Optional Gesture wall add on POA

The SENse Mini can be lay flat and used as an interactive wall via gesture.

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