Imaginate Customisation Portal

Master the art of importing your personal media and crafting content within the Imaginate software.



Activity Editor

Elevate your user experience to a whole new level by empowering yourself to create tailored activities, finely tuned to your preferences and needs. This customization allows you to enhance and enrich your interactions within the platform, ensuring a truly personalized and engaging experience for users.



Create a personalized playlist to gain immediate access to a curated selection of activities perfectly aligned with your specific goals and objectives. Elevate your experience even further by incorporating sensory enhancements, such as adding aromatic scents or adjusting room colors, all seamlessly configured through your sensory hardware settings within the playlist. This level of customization ensures a holistic and immersive environment designed to enhance your mood, productivity, or relaxation in a way that suits your preferences and intentions.


Stimulate your creativity and design uniquely customized activities by incorporating your own selection of images, videos, or sounds. This innovative feature allows you to infuse a distinctive touch into your creations, resulting in truly personalized activities that captivate and engage.

Usage Report

Delve into the usage statistics to gain a comprehensive understanding of your platform’s performance and user engagement. By closely examining which activities are most frequently utilized, you can gain a deeper insight into user habits and preferences. This valuable information can be leveraged to tailor and optimize your offerings, ensuring that your users enjoy a more personalized and satisfying experience. By recognizing the patterns in activity usage, you can refine your platform to better cater to the specific needs and interests of your audience, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and retention.


The administrative section serves as a comprehensive control center, affording you a range of essential capabilities to manage your system effectively. Within this versatile space, you have the authority to initiate user creation, establish connections with various applications, and delve into a wealth of system information, all designed to streamline your operational prowess and ensure a seamless user experience.


With the scenes editor, you have the creative freedom to personalize the layout of your environment. This powerful tool empowers you to precisely position activities on a specific surface, enabling the crafting of a fully immersive and tailored environment that resonates with your unique vision and objectives.