About Integrex

Integrex stands as a premier UK designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge, interactive electronic and IT products. Our innovative solutions cater to a diverse range of sectors including Education, Care, Retail, and Corporate environments. By integrating advanced technology with user-centric design, we aim to enhance learning experiences, improve care quality, streamline retail operations, and boost corporate efficiency

Our Clients

Meet The Team

The team members of Integrex possess a wide range of engineering skills, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering. This diverse skill set allows the team to approach problems from different perspectives and come up with comprehensive solutions.

The mixture of engineering talents within Integrex fosters an environment where creativity, problem-solving and continuous learning thrive. By leveraging the diverse skills and experiences of its members, the team can overcome challenges, adapt to new technologies, and deliver high quality engineering solutions.

In addition to technical skills, the Integrex Team may also have members with expertise in project management, quality assurance, research and development and other areas crucial for successful engineering projects. Collaboration and effective communication are likely emphasised within the team, as they work together to develop and implement innovative ideas.