Instant Activity Wizard

Utilise the Imaginate “Instant Activity Wizard” to craft personalised activities by incorporating a variety of your own images, videos and audio to enrich your overall experience. The Imaginate software comes with a wealth of activities ready for you to use, but with the Activity Wizard you can easily create quick personalised activities with a USB stick.



Create a folder on the USB memory stick

Create a folder on the USB memory stick and make sure to give it a descriptive name for easier identification when using the images later.


Compile a collection of your preferred images

Gather a set of your favourite images for use in your customised activities. Make certain that these images are relevant to the activities you’re designing. Adding these images to the appropriate folder on the USB memory stick.

Begin the Instant Activity Wizard Journey

Insert the prepared USB memory stick into an accessible USB port on the Integrex device.

Location of the Activity Wizard, instantly customise activities by inserting a USB memory stick when using the wellbeing suite interactive projection on a table or floor

Select Activity Wizard

This immediately assembles a range of activities using your images, resulting in a genuinely personalised and immersive experience.

Start your activity

Pick one of the numerous personalised activities by exploring the list.

Navigate through your personalised activities

Simply Navigate through your images by using the Left or Right arrow buttons on the remote control.