Auditory Stimulation

Introducing Auditory Stimulation to our range of products, meticulously designed to provide controlled and structured auditory input for individuals with sensory processing difficulties. This innovative solution aids in regulating sensory experiences and offers a controlled avenue for exploring and engaging with sound. By promoting sensory integration and mitigating sensory overload, it contributes to a more balanced sensory environment.

fixed size interactive projector discretely seated in a suspended ceiling

SENse Tile

Specially designed to seamlessly integrate into existing suspended ceilings while providing a fixed projection size for interactive table and floor setups. This unique solution allows for easy installation and a clean, unobtrusive appearance in your space.

fully interactive immersive room including 4 interactive walls and a range of DMX sensory effect hardware. displaying a historical shopping street to relive forgotten memories

SENse Air

All-in-One Wall-Mounted Interactive Floor Projection System, a compact and versatile solution designed to bring interactive experiences to any space. With its wall-mounted design, this system offers a seamless and clutter-free solution for transforming floors into interactive playgrounds

Ultra compact and versatile interactive projection that can project onto any surface, use it on the floor, table, wheelchair tray, or bed.

SENse Micro

Ultra-Portable Budget Interactive Projection Unit, a flexible and affordable solution designed to bring interactive experiences to any environment. This compact unit is specifically designed for floor projection but with the optional trolley, it can be easily adapted for use on tables, wheelchair trays, or even beds.

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