The Benefits of Interactive Projection in Education

Interactive projection technology is revolutionising education by creating dynamic and engaging learning environments. These systems offer numerous benefits of Interactive Projection, enhancing both teaching and learning experiences. Here’s a look at the advantages and options available.

Child interacting with an interactive image painter activity provided by interactive projection

Understanding the Purpose of Interactive Projection in Education

Understanding the Purpose as well as the benefits of Interactive projection technology serves is essential for deciding on if this is the right technology for your students.

Active learning encourages students to engage directly with the material, promoting deeper understanding and retention. Interactive Projection supports diverse learning needs, particularly benefiting students with additional needs by providing multisensory experiences. The interaction makes learning more engaging, helping maintain student’s interest and motivation. The collaborative nature of the interactive projection fosters teamwork and communication among students through group activities.

School child lying on the floor enjoying the interactive images being displayed onto the floor

Enhanced Engagement

Interactive projections captivate students’ attention, making lessons more engaging and enjoyable. The visual and tactile nature of the technology encourages active participation and maintains interest.

School girl using gesture interaction by engaging with the scatter activity on the wall

Improved Learning Outcomes

By promoting hands-on interaction, these systems help improve retention and understanding. Students can manipulate objects, solve problems, and explore concepts in a visually stimulating environment.

School child interactive with the balloon splat activity being projected from the SENse Mini portable interactive floor projector


Interactive projection is particularly beneficial for students with special educational needs (SEN). It supports diverse learning styles and provides sensory stimulation, aiding in cognitive and motor skills development.

Interactive projection on the wall and floor within a sensory room


These systems can be used in various settings and for multiple subjects, from mathematics and science to art and physical education. The adaptability ensures they can meet different educational needs, most interactive projectors come with the ability to create your own interactive content being you can tailor activities to topics or activities being covered with school.

Immersive environment installed within a school. Interactive football on the floor and a non interactive football stadium is projected onto the walls


Interactive projections foster collaborative learning. Students can work together on interactive activities, promoting teamwork and communication skills.

SENse Mini mobile interactive projector displaying the Tile space activity onto the floor

How to decide which Interactive Projection is best for my school?

When choosing  interactive projection for education, consider the following factors:

Space Availability: Assess the size and layout of the intended installation area. For smaller spaces, portable options like the SENse Mini or SENse Micro may be ideal. Larger spaces might benefit from the versatility of the SENse Flex+ or a fixed solution like the SENse Tile or SENse Air.

Usage Requirements: Determine how the system will be used. If you need flexibility for different areas and the ability to easily move from room to room then, the SENse Micro with trolley, SENse Mini, SENse Flex or Flex+ offers flexibility for adaptable setups. For permanent installations, consider the SENse Tile or SENse Air.

Budget: Evaluate your budget constraints. The SENse Micro provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on interactive capabilities, while the SENse Flex+ and SENse Flex offer advanced features at a higher price point.

Special Needs: If your school caters to students with special educational needs, prioritise systems that offer sensory stimulation and easy accessibility. Consider if you need the unit to be non accessible to students so the SENse Air and SENse tile can be installed out of most students reach. Do you need the ability to project onto a wheelchair tray?, the SENse Micro offers great versatility for projection onto various surfaces.


SENse Mini mobile interactive projector displaying the Tile space activity onto the floor


Interactive projection technology is a powerful tool for mainstream schools, enhancing engagement, inclusivity, and learning outcomes. With various options available, schools can find the perfect system to meet their specific needs and create a more interactive and stimulating educational environment.

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