Imaginate Online Editor Portal

Enhance your user experience with the Imaginate Online Editor Portal by creating personalized, interactive activities. Moreover, choose from a variety of activity types to craft unique content and utilize the import media section to incorporate your own images, videos, and audio. Furthermore, tailor every interaction to your needs to ensure a truly customized experience.



web based editor for the Imaginate suite interactive projection solution for education and sensory environments, a simple user friendly editor system providing the ability to create custom activities, add your own images, videos or sounds and configure your immersive room

Import your own media

Importing your own media into the Imaginate Suite Software enables you to create custom interactive content that resonates with your audience. Furthermore, by incorporating videos, images, and audio files, you can design engaging activities that reflect specific learning objectives or branding requirements. This capability significantly enhances the versatility and appeal of your content, ensuring it meets diverse educational or promotional needs effectively
Image of the home screen for the Imaginate Suite online Editor Portal, shows button access for all the various areas of the editor

New user access to the editor portal

The Imaginate Suite Software’s online editor portal offers a seamless solution for collaborative content creation. Furthermore, by granting access to other staff members or content creators, multiple users can work together in real-time, ensuring your interactive activities are consistently refined and updated. This collaborative approach not only enhances efficiency and creativity but also facilitates seamless teamwork in content development.

Image sg=howing the profile creation section of the Imaginate Suite software

Profile creation

Creating custom profiles in the online editor portal allows you to schedule activities, ensuring they play as planned. Moreover, profiles update seamlessly within 10 to 15 minutes with an internet connection. Additionally, you can confidently create tailored profiles around topics, specific users, classes, or activity types for a personalized session. This versatility enhances the customization options available for optimising user experiences.
Image sg=howing the profile creation section of the Imaginate Suite software

Profile creation for Immersive Rooms

Creating custom profiles in the online editor portal means you can schedule activities, ensuring they play as planned. Furthermore, profiles update seamlessly within 10 to 15 minutes with an internet connection. Additionally, confidently select profiles to control hardware in immersive rooms, such as wind, aroma, and lighting. This integrated control enhances the immersive experience by allowing precise adjustments to ambiance and sensory elements.
Image showing the mock up of an immersive room for scene creation.

Creating a scene for the Immersive Room

Creating a scene in an immersive room with the Imaginate Online Editor Portal is a powerful way to design captivating environments. Additionally, this intuitive tool allows you to control activities on each surface, mixing different activities or creating seamless, edge-blended images or videos that wrap around the room. Consequently, this transforms the space into a fully immersive experience, engaging users with synchronized content. Whether for educational simulations, interactive exhibits, or dynamic presentations, the scene creator ensures every surface contributes to a cohesive narrative, thereby enhancing the overall experience
Cartoon type image of goldilocks and the three bears, this is an example of what can be created in the storyboard activity within the Imaginate software.


Leverage storyboard mode for an engaging journey. Whether simulating a bustling shopping centre or recreating a cherished childhood book, storyboard mode allows you to craft immersive narratives. Furthermore, infuse your storylines with interactivity to transport yourself and your audience into captivating digital realms, blending nostalgia with cutting-edge experiences.

Please note that storyboard editing requires an Editor Pro license. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Mathematics content provided as part of the Imaginate suite software installed on all the SENse range of interactive projection, this activity is asking how many litres of water is in the jug and gives multiple choice answers.


Enhance your educational experience with an engaging mathematics journey that combines fun and learning. Moreover, customize equations to match your learners’ abilities, transforming math into an interactive adventure. Additionally, tailor equations to challenge students appropriately while ensuring an enjoyable experience. This customization fosters deeper math understanding and creates a dynamic learning environment where every student can thrive.
Phonics activities provided as part of the Imaginate Suite which is included on all the SENse range of interactive projectors. This activity is showing the word pizza and asking the user which is the right picture for the word.


Elevate your educational journey in the realm of phonics by constructing an engaging and interactive experience. Additionally, by personalizing the number of questions and answers, you can fine-tune the learning process to align seamlessly with the unique abilities of your learners. This adaptability enables you to provide a level of challenge that is both stimulating and tailored to individual needs. Through this approach, phonics transforms into an enjoyable adventure, making learning engaging and effective for every student. By catering to individual abilities, you empower your learners to excel while nurturing their phonics skills, ultimately enhancing their overall educational experience.
The tiles activity which is part of the Imaginate Suite supplied on the range of SENse interactive projectors. This tile activity shows a cherry tree and when the user wipes over the image it reveals an image of a robin sitting in the cherry tree.


Personalize an exhilarating revealing activity by hand-picking your favourite image. Moreover, enable the magic touch of a hand or the graceful sweep of a foot to uncover a hidden surprise concealed behind it. Take your customization a step further by adjusting the effect’s speed, allowing you to control how swiftly the hidden resources re-conceal themselves.


This is the image painter activity which is included with the Imaginate Suite supplied on the range of SENse Interactive Projectors. This activity shows an image of kittens and when you wipe over the image it reveals an image of a fully grown cat.


Immerse yourself in creative expression with a customisable painting activity to unlock your inner artist. This interactive feature lets you unleash imagination, breathe life into images or videos, and discover hidden beauty. Embark on a transformative artistic journey with a versatile tool that transcends conventional creativity

The bubble pop is a lovely cause and effect activity, this image shows a beach scene with bubbles floating, when the user touches the bubble they will pop with a pop sound effect.


Elevate your bubbles activity to a whole new level of personalisation by handpicking your favourite image to serve as the captivating background. Moreover, this unique feature allows you to infuse your individual style and personality into the activity, creating a visually stunning and engaging experience that resonates with your preferences and taste
The scatter theme features different objects that can be scattered around the interactive projection, this image shows a pile of leaves that when the user touches with there hands or a brush will sweep into a virtual pile, the leaves will provide a rustling sound feedback.


Tailor the scatter activity to your preferences by hand-selecting a background and choosing your favourite scatter object. Additionally, this customization transforms the experience into a one-of-a-kind sensory journey, uniquely crafted to engage your senses in a way that’s entirely distinctive and meaningful to you

The Particle activity, the image shows a blue sky with green grass, as the user touches the image a particle effect of the chosen image pack will appear, in this case leaves are cascading over the blue sky.


Personalise the particle activity to your exact specifications by hand-picking a background and selecting your favourite particle object. Moreover, take it a step further by fine-tuning critical parameters such as speed, direction, and hide effect. This process effectively shapes it into a precision-targeted activity engineered to fulfil your specific objectives. This level of customization empowers you to craft a purpose-driven experience that aligns seamlessly with your goals and preferences, turning the particle activity into a powerful tool for achieving your desired outcomes

The Jigsaw activity, the image shows jigsaw pieces of a steam train, when the user touches the jigsaw pieces they arrange themselves in the correct place on the board.


Personalise the jigsaw activity to create a unique and captivating experience by swapping out the background with an image or subject matter that resonates deeply with your interests and preferences. Furthermore, this customization allows you to infuse your puzzle-solving adventure with a touch of personal flair, making each piece you fit together a part of your chosen narrative. By incorporating your favourite subject as the backdrop, you transform the jigsaw activity into an engaging and visually stimulating journey that not only entertains but also connects with your passions on a profound level.

Hot air balloons are floating over the image of the blue swimming pool with a pineapple at the bottom. When the user touches the hot air balloons they will splat.


Personalise the splat activity to your heart’s content by hand-picking a background and selecting your preferred splat object. Furthermore, take it a step further by fine-tuning parameters such as speed and direction. This process effectively transforms it into a precision-targeted activity designed to achieve your specific desired outcome. This level of customization allows you to craft an engaging and purposeful experience that aligns perfectly with your goals and preferences
Interactive fish pond, the water ripples over the sand when the image is interacted with, the fish are swimming towards the interaction.


Infuse your interactive pond with a touch of your own personality and preferences by hand-selecting your favourite background image and determining the number of fish inhabitants. Moreover, take it a step further by introducing interactivity through the choice of a swim effect for the fish or opt for a serene ambiance by selecting no fish and enjoying a tranquil ripple effect. This level of personalization transforms the pond into a captivating digital oasis that caters to your unique tastes. Consequently, allowing you to engage with it in a way that resonates with your desired experience, whether it’s a lively aquatic world or a peaceful waterscape.

Still image of a tropical fish tank, represents the media player activity on the Imaginate suite

Media Player

Create a non-interactive image or video that plays uninterrupted, even if someone tries to engage with it. This is an ideal activity for effectively conveying information

Word search

Creating your own word search activities within the Imaginate Suite Software is both simple and highly beneficial for educational purposes. Additionally, word searches are excellent tools for enhancing vocabulary, improving spelling, and fostering pattern recognition skills in learners of all ages. Moreover, with the Imaginate Suite, you can easily design customized word searches tailored to specific subjects or themes, making learning more engaging and relevant for students. Furthermore, by incorporating your own word lists and using the import media feature to add images, you can create visually appealing and contextually rich activities that support varied learning styles.