SENse Micro with Well-being User Guide

Introducing our step-by-step user guide on using the SENse Micro with the well-being suite in a care home setting! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the setup and operation of the SENse Micro, ensuring you maximise its features to create a calming and engaging environment. Perfect for enhancing residents’ well-being, our guide covers everything you need to know for a seamless and effective use of this innovative technology.
image of a cardboard box

What  is in the box

  • SENse Micro
  • SENse Micro remote control (black remote)
  • Optoma projector remote (white remote)
  • 2x Mini WIFI Antenna (may already be installed onto the micro)
  • Accessory pack
  • 4 Pack Aroma blocks
Ultra portable SENse Micro interactive table or floor projector on a trolley

Installing your SENse Micro onto the wall

  • Locate the most appropriate wall to install the SENse Micro onto
  • The SENse micro is optimised for use at a height of 1.2m from the floor to the top of the fixing hole.
  • Use the fixings provided or appropriate fixings for your wall type
SENse Micro interactive projector with trolley

Installing the SENse Micro onto the Trolley

If you have purchased the SENse Micro optional trolley then please follow the user guide on how to build the trolley and install the Micro onto the trolley, which can be found by pressing the below button.

Close up view of the SENse Micro interactive projector

Start Up

  • Plug the unit in and plug the mains cable into the connection on the underside of the SENse Micro
  • Press the red button on the black remote
  • If the unit does not power on press the on button on the small white Optoma remote (point at the grill on the front of the SENse Micro)
  • Press the black button on the underside of the SENse Micro to turn on the PC (only if the black remote didn’t start the machine)
Software validation image

Software validation

  • The Well-being software will attempt to validate the licence. If this fails your machine may not be connected to the internet.
  • To manually connect to the internet you will need to exit out of the Well-being Suite. Press the home button on the remote and choose the settings button.
  • Select Networks and connect to your WI-FI
  • If validation fails please call 01283 551551 During office hours
  • Once the software has validated, the Well-being Suite will begin to play interactive activities until you press the home button on the remote.
Settings menu screenshot


Settings- Access to the following sub menu

  • Networks – Connecting to your WIFI
  • Resize- Change the size of the image to suit the surface you are projecting onto
  • Restart- Restart the machine and software
  • Shutdown- When you have finished with the unit, turn of the machine here
Main Menu Well-being Suite screenshot showing all the options within the software and pride month running on the themed event


Play – Access the following sub menus

  • Shuffle All- Select this option to randomly play all the activities available within Imaginate
  • By Objective- Select the objective button to choose a specific objective you would like to target such as physical
  • Browse Library- Search through all the available activities and choose an individual activity to play
  • Themed- Select the themed option to play the activities that have been created based on the current theme. The software features various events and awareness day so press on the event button to see all available themed content.
  • YouTube- Access a range of pre selected YouTube videos for residents to enjoy
  • Help- Access the help section of the software
Location of the Activity Wizard, instantly customise activities by inserting a USB memory stick when using the Imaginate suite interactive projection on a table, floor or wall

Activity Wizard

Utilise the Well-being Suite’s “Instant Activity Wizard” to craft personalised activities by incorporating a variety of your own images to enrich your overall experience. The Well-being Suite software comes with a wealth of activities ready for you to use, but with the Activity Wizard you can easily create quick personalised activities with a USB stick

SENse Micro interactive projector being used to project a video of a stingray onto the ceiling for those receiving bed care

Interactive 360

With the SENse Micro mounted on a trolley, you can effortlessly swivel it to project content onto the wall or ceiling. This flexibility allows you to create engaging and soothing visual experiences anywhere in the room. For residents lying in bed, projecting calming activities onto the ceiling can be particularly beneficial, providing them with a relaxing and immersive experience without needing to move. The SENse Micro’s ease of use makes it a versatile tool for enhancing well-being in any care home setting
Settings menu screenshot

Switching off the unit

  • Select the home button on the remote to go back to the main menu
  • Select the settings icon
  • choose shutdown

This is shutdown the software and the SENse Micro