Chroma Tubes

Ignite imaginations and unlock the magic of waterless sensory tubes in your sensory room today. Contact us to explore the possibilities and learn how our team of experts can assist you in selecting and integrating the perfect waterless sensory tube solution for your space. Let the captivating motion and vibrant colors create an immersive experience that sparks joy and fascination.

Chroma Tubes

Discover the enchantment of Chroma Tubes – waterless sensory tubes for your Sensory Room. Experience vibrant colours and kinetic elements in a mesmerizing oasis. Explore the extraordinary benefits now!

interactive light tube, infinite panel and bubble wall

Dynamic Visual Stimulation

Craft a visually stunning environment that ignites imaginations: Our waterless Sensory Tubes showcase a mesmerizing display of vibrant colors, swirling patterns and captivating motion. Witness the mesmerizing elements move and flow, engaging the senses and capturing attention. The ever changing visual spectacle offers endless fascination and exploration.

interactive light tube and bubble wall in a dark room to enhance sensory stimulation

Multi Sensory Engagement

Experience multi sensory engagement with waterless Sensory Tubes. Captivating motion and colorful patterns provide visual stimulation, while subtle vibrations create tactile sensations. This combination enhances sensory integration, creating an immersive environment for individuals of all ages and abilities.

interactive light tube and tactile panel in a soft padded multi sensory room

Safe and Maintenance Free

Experience peace of mind with our waterless Sensory Tubes. No worries about spills or maintenance, as there’s no water involved. Designed to be safe and durable, requiring minimal upkeep. Simply plug the tube in and let the magic unfold, providing hassle free sensory stimulation for all enjoy peace of mind today.

interactive light tube, bubble panels and a tactile panel in a soft padded multi sensory corner

Therapeutic Applications

Discover the therapeutic benefits of waterless Sensory Tubes in your Sensory Room. The rhythmic motion, captivating visual stimulation, and tactile vibrations offer opportunities for relaxation, sensory integration, and calming strategies. Widely used in therapy sessions, classrooms, and sensory rooms to promote focus, engagement, and well being – unlock the benefits today.

interactive light tube in soft padded plinth incorporating rgb fibre optic strands


Various options of control are available for your Chroma Tubes:

Passive- Simple and easy to setup up the Passive Chroma Tube will automatically cycle through the range of colours available.

Interactive- Give the users control over the colour of the tube by either remote control or the throw of a dice.

DMX- Control the colours of the Chroma Tube via the Imaginate App.


Experience the magic: Dive into a world of colors and sensation with our Chroma Tube sensory cause and effect tube! Discover the joy of interactive learning. Contact us today