Educational Aromatherapy Collection

Unlock the power of scent and unleash your creativity with SENse Scent 5. Transform spaces, captivate audiences, and leave a lasting impression. Experience the art of scent diffusion like never before!


Educational Aromatherapy Collection

Introducing our Educational Aromatherapy Collection Aromatherapy collection – a thoughtful and innovative approach to promoting a conducive immersive learning environment. Each fragrance in this pack has been carefully selected to enhance certain key topics.


Victorian Street

The odour of narrow streets, chimney smoke, cramped conditions and nearby industry. Create an engrossing historical display with this captivating aroma.

Egyptian Tomb

A mysterious, fragrant aroma of embalming oils, gums and resins of Ancient Egypt. This aroma is sweet, floral and woody, to reflect the fragrances used to preserve bodies. It is also based on the presence of floral garlands and collars left in tombs, such as those Howard Carter discovered in Tutankhamun’s chambers.

Embalming methods varied throughout Egyptian history, but approaches included washing the body out with palm wine, stuffing the body with spices, using gums, resins and honey to preserve the skin, applying beeswax to close openings, and scenting linen with myrrh to appeal to the gods. 


An exotic and immersive scent, developed alongside palaeontologists at a leading natural history museum. This odour mimics that of the boggy, humid swamps and forests the T-rex may have lived in; within the vicinity of prey that fed off the plants and used the nearby water sources.


The frightening aroma of sulphur, exploding lava and black clouds of ash. An ideal aroma for driving engagement with natural disasters and the power of the natural world.


Factory Works

A sharp, metallic aroma, ideal for creating an industrial experience. Prompts thoughts of oil and machinery at work.

Discover the power of our Educational Aromatherapy Collection to enhance lives.

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