SENse Flex Plus

Empower the children in your care with the Sensory Integration Therapy Climbing/Swing Frame Set (SENSIS System). Elevate their therapy experience and witness the incredible progress they can achieve through play-based therapy. Invest in the future of sensory integration today!

SENse Flex +

Experience the future of interactive projection with our SENse Flex+ unit.

The SENse Flex+ offers variable projection sizes for interactive table and floor setups, along with the added benefit of gesture wall projection.

Benefits of Interactive Projection

Interactive projection offers a multitude of benefits that enhance the overall experience of its users, whether they’re children or young adults in a sensory room, individuals with special needs or adults seeking an immersive sensory experience.

Engagement- The SENse Flex + captivates attention and encourages active participation, the interactive projection creates a dynamic and responsive environment stimulating curiosity and engagements, particularly for those with sensory processing needs or limited movement. The user needs to make only minimal movements to alter aspects of their immediate environment using the interactive projection.

Inclusive- The SENse Flex+ promotes inclusivity by accommodating various abilities and needs, wheel the projector up to a table or wheelchair tray for instant personal projections, removing physical barriers and allowing individuals with different motor skills to participate. The added feature of gesture interaction means that for those seated or standing that can raise their hands, arms or legs can interactive with the activities on the wall via gesture rather than physical touch.


Mobile Interactive projection unit

Height adjustable for variable projection sizes min 1.3m x 1.03m and max 2.9m x 2.2m

Bright interactive images


Imaginate software

Capable of Interactive table, floor and gesture wall

Built in web cam gives the reflection of the user whilst interacting in gesture mode


Gesture Interaction

Engage with projected images, animations and games using intuitive hand control, elevating interactivity to new heights – encouraging creativity, exploration and collaboration.

Experience a whole new level of interaction with the integrated webcam, allowing users to see themselves while engaging with the projected content, resulting in enhanced interactive engagement.

height adjustable interactive projector for floor or table


Introducing our Mobile Interactive Projection Unit: Enhance flexibility and adaptability in your interactive setups. Whether on a table, floor or wall, the unit’s variable projection sizes let you customize the display to suit your needs and space constraints. Optimal viewing experience encourages active participation and collaboration among users.

menu of the Imaginate suite interactive projection setup for education and sensory environments, a simple user friendly menu system, including keystage, subject and seasonal activities, customised profile or select a seasonal activity


Experience an Interactive Projection unit that is both user friendly and adaptable, offering a diverse range of interactive applications and games tailored to suit various educational objectives and user preferences. From interactive lessons to engaging games, our unit provides a wide variety of content suitable for different age groups and abilities.

menu of the Imaginate suite interactive projection setup for education and sensory environments, a simple user friendly menu system, including keystage, subject and seasonal activities, customised profile or select a seasonal activity

SENse Flex+ Activities

Unlock the potential of the Imaginate Suite: Explore a comprehensive collection of around 500 pre made activities. Ready to use content covering various subjects and learning objectives, seamlessly integrating into educational programs for educators and parents.

Activity types include:

Boing                  Bingo                  Quizzes                          Hotspot’s

Particles- fade, fizzle and explode

Jigsaw                 Card games       Bubbles                         Media player

Pieces- Flip, Fade, Repel and Reveal

Word searches   Storyboard        Fish/water ripple        Paint/Demister       Scatter

Splat                     Ball games

Location of the Activity Wizard, instantly customise activities by inserting a USB memory stick when using the Imaginate suite interactive projection on a table, floor or wall

Instant Activity Wizard

Utilize the “Instant Activity Wizard” to craft personalised activities by incorporating a variety of your own images, enriching their overall experience.

This creates a simple and easy way to personalise activities

  • Create a folder on a USB memory stick and name the folder
  • Gather a set of images either personal or topic based, make sure they are relevant for the activity you want to create
  • Insert the USB stick into the machine the SENse Flex +
  • The Imaginate software will assemble a range of activities using your images, resulting in a genuinely personalised experience.
web based editor for the Imaginate suite interactive projection solution for education and sensory environments, a simple user friendly editor system providing the ability to create custom activities, add your own images, videos or sounds and configure your immersive room

Free Online Editor Portal

Upon successful activation, you unlock a wealth of possibilities with Imaginate, and gain free access to the powerful creative suite. Imaginate’ s creative suite is a game-changer, offering an extensive array of multimedia resources and customisation options. This allows you to design interactive activities that are not only engaging but also tailored precisely to the preferences and requirements of your users. Whether you’re looking to educate, entertain or inform the portal provides the tools you need to captivate your audience.

With access to a comprehensive library of images, sounds and videos, you can create visually stunning and immersive experiences. Moreover, Imaginate enables you to seamlessly integrate your own media content, allowing you to personalise the experience even further. This level of customisation ensures that your activities resonate deeply with your users, fostering a stronger connection and engagement.

Editor Pro*

Unlock total control with Imaginate Pro and unleash your creativity with the activation of the storyboard editor in Imaginate. This powerful tool puts you in the driver’s seat, offering full control to craft interactive stories or creative quizzes tailored to your vision.

With the storyboard editor, you have the freedom to design immersive narratives or engaging quizzes with ease. Whether you’re weaving a captivating tale or testing knowledge with interactive questions, the possibilities are endless. The intuitive interface makes it simple to arrange scenes, add interactive elements, and bring your ideas to life. The benefits dont stop there. In addition to empowering your creativity, Imaginate Pro provides real-time statistical data. This invaluable feature allows you to track user engagement, measure the effectiveness of your activities, and gain insights into user behaviour.

Armed with this data, you can further tailor your activities to meet the specific requirements and preferences of your users. Whether it’s adjusting content, fine tuning interactions or targeting specific areas for improvement, the real-time feedback provided by Imaginate Pro enables you to optimise your efforts and maximize the impact of your activities.

*additional fee applies

Imaginate app allowing the remote control of a sensory room, immersive room or portable interactive table / floor. using the simple graphical menu

Imaginate App

The Imaginate app adds another layer of convenience and versatility to your toolkit. With this app, you can switch between activities, adapting on-the-fly to the evolving needs and preferences of your users. The Imaginate app empowers you to deliver a dynamic and tailored experience with ease.

In essence, Imaginate offers limitless possibilities for creativity and innovation. Elevate your content creation process, unleash your imagination, and deliver unforgettable experiences with Imaginate today.


To support your usage, we provide one year of access to remote and telephone support. This ensures that you have ongoing access to updates and assistance whenever you need it.

Contact us today to learn more about our SENse Flex+ and how they can enhance the lives of your service users.