Experience Sound like Never Before with the Cutting-Edge SpectraSync Interactive Sound-to-Light Panel. Captivate Your Senses and Immerse Yourself in a Mesmerizing Audio-Visual Spectacle. This Innovative Device Elevates Your Music and Sound to a Whole New Level of Immersion



Experience sound like never before with the cutting edge Spectra-sync interactive sound to light panel. Captivate your senses and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing audio visual spectacle. This innovative device elevates your music and sound to a whole new level of immersion.

multi mode interactive sound to light panel to be used withing a special education needs and disability environment (SEND)

Real Time Music Visualization

Elevate your favorite tunes with a stunning visual feast. The Spectra-sync panel analyzes audio input in real time, creating captivating light patterns, colors, and animations that perfectly synchronize with the music.

Customizable Visual Effects

Experience an elevated sensory feast: The Spectra-sync panel transforms your favorite tunes into captivating light patterns, colours and animations in perfect synchronization with the music, creating a stunning visual display.

interactive light tube, bubble panels and a tactile panel in a soft padded multi sensory corner

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with various audio sources: The Spectra-sync panel connects effortlessly to your music player, DJ equipment, or live instruments, offering a live visualization of the sound. The perfect addition to parties, events, clubs or any space where you want to elevate the ambiance and entertain your guests.

Easy Setup and Versatility

Experience effortless setup with the Spectra-sync panel. Its sleek and compact design allows easy installation on walls or surfaces. Perfectly suited for professional musicians, party enthusiasts and creative artists – This panel fits seamlessly in homes, studios, bars and stages.

90cm H

50cm W

10cm D

5 button interactive control – The user can control the colours of the Spectra-sync panel by pressing the correspondingĀ  coloured button. The white button can be used to control the mode

High Quality Performance

Expect exceptional performance: The Spectra-sync panel is crafted with high quality components, guaranteeing vibrant and accurate light representation. Featuring advanced audio processing capabilities and precise mapping algorithms, it delivers an immersive and seamless sound to light experience.

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