Swing frames and attachments

Empower the children in your care with the Sensory Integration Therapy Climbing/Swing Frame Set (SENSIS System). Elevate their therapy experience and witness the incredible progress they can achieve through play-based therapy. Invest in the future of sensory integration today!

Swing frames and attachments

Discover our carefully crafted swing frames, providing a wide range of sensory inputs to support children’s holistic development. Enjoy the soothing swaying motion and tactile sensations of different swing seats, offering numerous benefits for sensory development. Experience a truly enriching playtime.

Sensory Suspension Steel Frame Sensory Integration & Movement

Large Suspension Steel Frame

Introducing our Large Suspension Steel Frame, perfect for sensory swing therapy:

Equipped with:

  • 1x Swivel
  • 1x Hook Clamp
  • 4x Carabiner

Dimensions: H 300cm x L 300cm x Feet 200cm

This sturdy steel frame ensures a reliable and enjoyable sensory experience.


Medium Suspension Frame Set

Sensory Suspension Frame set

Optimize your sensory experience with our swing-suspension frame, designed for any SI swing. Easily fold and store it when necessary.

Stimulate and develop balance and equilibrium skills in children with sensory swings. Incorporate these swings into a Sensory Diet prescribed by an Occupational Therapist for effective Sensory Integration Therapy and improved equilibrioception.

Large Sensory Theraputic Hammock

Swing Attachments

Enrich your sensory experience with our carefully crafted attachments, designed to create a dynamic and therapeutic play environment for children of all abilities. Our sensory swing attachments open up limitless possibilities for sensory exploration and development. Explore the world of sensory play today!




Large C Frame for Swings or Hammocks

Free standing frames

This  popular selection of free-standing sensory frames and suspension systems are designed to be used in conjunction with our sensory swings, platforms and bolsters. They eliminate the need for permanent structural fixings, are made of tubular steel and can be purchased with bright, colourful padding and mats.

The A Frame has been designed to handle a weight capacity of 300 kg, this means that you can attach two of our swings or bolsters and use them at the same time. Both the C and O Frames can support rigorous activity and can be fixed to the floor if required. Made to the highest quality.


Activity Bolster Swing

Swing Attachment options

We have a range of bolsters and swings which are easy to attach to the swing frame and can be used as part of your child’s sensory program.

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