The Well-being Suite

Discover the Transformative Potential of Our Wellbeing Suite: Embrace the Power of Socialization and Communication. Designed to Foster Shared Enjoyment, Laughter, and Personal Stories, This Innovative Suite Brings People Together, Enhancing Overall Well-Being with Meaningful Connections


The Well-being Suite

Discover the transformative potential of our Well-being Suite: Embrace the power of socialisation and communication. Designed to foster shared enjoyment, laughter and personal stories, this innovative suite brings people together, enhancing overall well being with meaningful connections.

Flexible Rental Options

Why not opt for renting the Well being Suite Interactive Projector? Our flexible rental options enable you to fully embrace the advantages of the Well being Suite without any obligations. With prices’s starting at just £175 (exc VAT) per month, you can enjoy all of its benefits. What’s even more appealing is that each rental comes complete with a welcome pack that you get to keep. Plus, as an enticing bonus, after your first continuous 12-month rental, you’ll receive an extra 10% loyalty discount. You have the freedom to apply this discount to your monthly rental or towards the purchase of the Interactive Projector.

Care home residents stimulating physical and mental wellbeing by painting a vibrant image of a butterfly using the Wellbeing suite interactive projector on a table with the included long reach paintbrush accessory

Cognitive Stimulation

Unlock the cognitive potential with the Well-being Suite: A vast range of activities crafted to stimulate cognitive abilities. from memory games and puzzles to problem solving challenges and brain teasers, engage minds and maintain mental agility. These activities foster memory retention, attention span and critical thinking skills.

Care home residents taking part in a group activity and discussing the calming stars that appear whilst using the Wellbeing suite interactive projector on a table with the included long reach paintbrush accessory

Social Interaction

Promoting social interaction: A vital element of the Well-being Suite. Engage residents in group participation, sharing enjoyment and building connections. From collaborative games and storytelling sessions to group art projects, the suite nurtures a sense of belonging, friendship and social cohesion.

Care home residents improving their wellbeing and emotional stability by popping the relaxing bubbles as they appear whilst using the Wellbeing suite interactive projector on a table with the included long reach paintbrush accessory

Emotional Well being

Prioritizing emotional well being: The Well-being Suite offers activities to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and emotional stability. Engage in guided breathing exercises, calming sensory experiences, expressive art therapies, and virtual nature journeys, providing moments of tranquility and emotional respite for residents.


Care home residents taking part in a group activity and creating intergeneration connections by bouncing the balls using the Wellbeing suite interactive projector on a table with the included long reach paintbrush accessory

Inter generational

Fostering inter generational connections: The Well-being Suite bridges generational gaps and unites all ages. Engage in shared experiences, learning from one another and cultivate unity and understanding across generations.

Care home residents taking part in a group activity and unleashing there creativity by colouring in the vibrant images with this art / music activity whilst using the Wellbeing suite interactive projector on a table

Creativity and Self Expression

Unleashing creativity and self expression: A core aspect of the Well-being Suite. Engage in art activities, music exploration and interactive storytelling, encouraging residents to tap into their artistic potential and imagination. These creative outlets foster a sense of accomplishment, boost self esteem and nurture personal growth.

Care home resident improving their wellbeing by engaging in tennis using the Wellbeing suite interactive projector. Demonstrating creativity and self-expression. A clear indication of improvements in Social interaction, Emotional well-being, and cognitive stimulation

Multi Sensory Engagement

Elevating engagement with multi sensory experiences: The Well-being Suite utilizes visual elements, soothing sounds, tactile sensations and aromatherapy integration to create a rich and immersive environment. This multi sensory approach amplifies the experience and leaves a profound impact.

Location of the Activity Wizard, instantly customise activities by inserting a USB memory stick when using the wellbeing suite interactive projection on a table or floor

Customisable Options

Embrace personalisation and inclusivity: The Well-being Suite recognizes diverse resident needs, offering customizable options to cater to individual preferences and abilities. Utilize the Instant Activity wizard’s personalisation feature, tailoring activities to unique interests and capabilities, ensuring a meaningful and personalized experience.

menu of the Wellbeing suite interactive projection, a simple user friendly menu system, including objective's such as promoting social interaction, increase independence and mental / cognitive stimulation, improve nutrition or select a seasonal activity

User Friendly Interface

Inclusive and accessible: The Well-being Suite boasts a user friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for all abilities. Intuitive controls, clear instructions and customisable settings facilitate participation and engagement in socialization and communication activities.

Ultra compact and versatile interactive projection that can project onto any surface, use it on the floor, table, wheelchair tray, or bed.

Portable and Wire Free

Discover unmatched flexibility and convenience with the cutting edge Sense Micro System. This mobile interactive projection system, now available with an optional battery pack, provides unparalleled portability, enabling captivating interactive experiences anytime, anywhere – without the need for external power sources.

activities menu of the Imaginate / wellbeing suite interactive projector, showing the extensive range of of activities available within the simple user friendly menu system that can be easily navigated using the remote control


Curated with care experts: Discover over 100 targeted activities offering benefits for residents, staff and visitors. Thoughtfully designed to promote Well being, foster connection and enhance engagement within your care facility.


To support your usage, we provide three year’s of access to remote and telephone support. This ensures that you have ongoing access to updates, new features, and assistance whenever you need it.

Contact us today to learn more about the Wellbeing Suite and how it can enhance the lives of your service users.

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