Visilift Plus

Empower the children in your care with the Sensory Integration Therapy Climbing/Swing Frame Set (SENSIS System). Elevate their therapy experience and witness the incredible progress they can achieve through play-based therapy. Invest in the future of sensory integration today!

Visilift +

Unleash Limitless Potential with Visilift+: The Ultimate Portable, Electronically Height Adjustable Touch Screen Solution for Dynamic Presentations, Interactive Experiences, and Seamless Mobility. Tilt, Portable, and Powerful.

adult in a special education needs and disability environment (SEND) using the multi touch, height adjustable, impact resistant interactive lcd touch screen

The Revolutionary Visilift+

Introducing the Visilift+: Redefining versatility and adaptability in a touch screen device. Seamlessly transform from flat table like surface to desired height, vertical position for presentations and angled forward for prone users. The added tilt feature unlocks possibilities for previously challenging situations.

Unparalleled mobility with braked castors, effortlessly gliding between rooms for flexible use of space. Commercial grade 4K LCD screens deliver exceptional picture quality, accompanied by integrated stereo speakers for an immersive audio visual experience.

menu of the Imaginate suite interactive projection setup for education and sensory environments, a simple user friendly menu system, including keystage, subject and seasonal activities, customised profile or select a seasonal activity

The Imaginate Suite

Introducing our exciting range of captivating and interactive themes: Splat the balloons, scatter the flowers and an interactive fishpond. The Visilift+ system boasts a vast library of a thousand pictures, videos and hundreds of sounds – ensuring endless possibilities for engaging experiences. Personalize programs for individual users by adding your own images and audio files.

Enjoy user friendly software with approximately 300 pre made activities ready to use. Our cloud based Editor empowers you to create custom activities, providing limitless potential for tailored content. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, effortlessly customize and design interactive programs to captivate and inspire – unlock the full potential of sensory engagement with the Visilift+.

Contact us today to learn more about The VisiLift+ and how it can enhance the lives of your service users.