Our Sensory Collection

From the UK, our sensory collection is expertly designed for enhanced sensory stimulation. Versatile, adaptable, and easy to use, it ensures accessibility for users of varying abilities.

Interactive and Adaptive Technology

We also offer a range of interactive and adaptive technology products, including touch sensitive panels, motion sensors, and switch operated devices. These products allow individuals to actively engage with the environment, promoting interaction, cause and effect learning and sensory exploration.

Bubble-lusion multi mode interactive bubble wall panel to be used withing a special education needs and disability environment (SEND)

Visual Stimulation

Our visual stimulation products include vibrant and interactive lighting systems, projection systems, bubble tubes, and fiber optic strands that create captivating visual effects and transform the environment into a visual wonderland

multi mode interactive sound to light panel to be used withing a special education needs and disability environment (SEND)

Auditory Stimulation

Our auditory stimulation products feature high-quality sound systems, music players, and ambient soundscapes that provide a rich auditory experience. From soothing nature sounds to interactive audio games, these products engage the auditory sense and promote relaxation or cognitive stimulation.

Multi scent distribution DMX controlled aromatherapy machine, allows for sequenced aromatherapy oil distribution

Olfactory Stimulation

Our olfactory stimulation products include aroma diffusers and scent generators that release pleasant and calming scents into the environment. These products enhance the sensory experience by incorporating the sense of smell, promoting relaxation and emotional well-being.

Soft padded multi Sensory room containing DMX wind machine, Bubble tube, RGB fibreoptic strands, RGB room lighting and aromatherapy. finished off with a tactile panel

Tactile Stimulation

Our tactile stimulation products offer a range of tactile surfaces, textured materials, and sensory toys that provide tactile input and encourage exploration. From soft textured panels to tactile pillows and squishy objects, these products invite individuals to engage their sense of touch and experience different tactile sensations.

Climbing/Swing Frame Set for Sensory Integration Therapy (SENSIS System)

Integration and Movement

In the journey of childhood development, sensory integration plays a crucial role. Sensory integration is the process of organizing and interpreting sensory information from the environment and one’s body. When these sensory inputs are effectively processed and integrated, they lay the foundation for various essential skills, including motor coordination, attention, social interactions, and overall emotional well-being.

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