Transforming Care: The Impact of Interactive Projection

Advances in technology are enhancing healthcare, especially in care homes. Once such advancement, interactive projection, is improving residents’ quality of life by boosting engagement, mental well-being, and satisfaction for both residents and care givers.


Care home resident improving their wellbeing by engaging in tennis using the Wellbeing suite interactive projector. Demonstrating creativity and self-expression. A clear indication of improvements in Social interaction, Emotional well-being, and cognitive stimulation

Enhancing Social Interaction in care

Firstly, Loneliness and social isolation are common in care homes. Interactive projection combats this with engaging and collaborative activities. Projected games, quizzes, and interactive storytelling in communal spaces encourage social interaction, fostering community and stimulating cognitive functions.


A care home resident using a paintbrush to carefully colour in the vibrant butterflies being projected on to the table in front of them from an interactive table projector.

Physical and Cognitive Stimulation

Additional, interactive projection offers activities tailored to residents’ needs and abilities. Virtual sports and interactive exercises promote physical activity, improving mobility and health. Cognitive games and puzzles stimulate minds, offering mental challenges that enhance cognitive well-being. This blend of physical and mental activities supports holistic healthcare.


An interactive table with jigsaw activity, as the user touches the jigsaw pieces they fall into place, seated around the table is an elderly gentlemen with car provider.

Therapeutic Benefits of Interactive Projection

Furthermore, Interactive projection has therapeutic benefits, especially for residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Personalised visual stimuli, like familiar scenes, can evoke memories and emotions, providing comfort. Calming nature-themed projections reduce stress and anxiety, creating serene environments.


Two elderly ladies are seated at a table, interacting with the interactive fish pond being displayed from the interactive projector, the women are happily trying to catch the fish with a fishing net.

Personalised and Adaptive Care

One of the key advantages of interactive projection is its adaptability to individual preferences and needs. Caregivers can customise the content to cater to the diverse interests and abilities of residents. Whether it is displaying favourite images, completing a word search together on their favourite topic, getting that conversation started, interactive projection enables a personalised approach to care. This customisation not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also facilitates more efficient and compassionate caregiving


Two elderly ladies are enjoying a colouring in activity on the interactive projection table, the women are using dusters and paintbrushes to turn the image of the hot air balloon from black and white to a vibrant range of colours.

Measured Outcomes:

The software behind some interactive projection can track measurable outcomes. Well-being scores assess residents’ happiness and satisfaction. Reaction times during interactive sessions gauge cognitive and physical responsiveness. Tracking interaction areas provides insights into which activities residents find most engaging, enabling data-driven caregiving decisions.



Two elderly ladies are enjoying a colouring in activity on the interactive projection table, the women are using dusters and paintbrushes to turn the image of the hot air balloon from black and white to a vibrant range of colours.


Interactive projection is a transformative tool for care homes, fostering social interaction, providing physical and cognitive stimulation, offering therapeutic benefits, and enabling personalised care. This technology significantly enhances residents’ well-being, creating more vibrant and engaging environments in care homes.


A multi image showing the flexibility of the SENse Micro interactive projector, the interactive projector is being shown on a table with air hockey, the floor with an interactive fishpond and leave scatter. The image also shows the interactive projector with a word search activity being displayed on a bedside table.

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