Integration And Movement

Experience the synergy of Integration and Movement with our sensory equipment. From childhood development to enriching sensory experiences, our tools promote successful sensory integration – crucial for motor skills, attention, social interactions, and emotional well-being. Explore the transformative potential of Sensory Integration And Movement across diverse activities and developmental stages.

Climbing/Swing Frame Set for Sensory Integration Therapy (SENSIS System)

Sensory Integration Therapy System

Seeking a revolutionary solution to enhance sensory integration therapy for children? Discover the SENSIS System – a cutting-edge Climbing/Swing Frame Set designed to elevate therapy sessions. Promote sensory development and motor skills while ensuring a fun and engaging experience for children.

Square Sensory Therapeutic Swing

Swing Frames and attachments

Discover our comprehensive Sensory Swing Frames and Attachments for a captivating sensory play experience. Stimulate the vestibular system with swinging motions and engage the touch senses with tactile materials, creating an all-encompassing sensory adventure.

Sensory Therapeutic Body Rollers

Children stimulate their proprioceptive sense by pressing themselves between the rolls. The rollers help decrease tactile defensiveness, providing proprioceptive sensations, crucial in sensory modulation disorders, and part of a prescribed Sensory diet by an Occupational Therapist.

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