Sensory Immersive Rooms and Environments

A versatile and cost-effective solution designed for floor projection. With the optional trolley, this system offers remarkable flexibility, allowing you to use it on the floor, table, wheelchair tray, or bed

Sensory Immersive Rooms and Environments

Dive into a world where you are the creator of your own reality, where every instant is an invitation to explore, uncover, and revel in the marvels that surround you. Step into our sensory immersive environments and let your imagination soar.

Enhanced Learning Experiences

Immersive sensory rooms create dynamic and engaging learning environments, stimulating multiple senses at once. Consequently, this holistic approach enhances information retention and comprehension across subjects.

Students have diverse learning styles, and sensory rooms cater to this variety. They offer a versatile platform, providing calming spaces for those with sensory processing disorders and interactive learning experiences for visual or kinaesthetic learners. As a result, these rooms can be tailored to support all students effectively.

fully interactive immersive room including 1 interactive wall, 1 interactive corner. perfectly matched with a soft padded snug incorporating a range of DMX sensory stimulation hardware

Promotion of Emotional Well-being

Sensory Immersive Rooms create safe spaces for students to unwind, relax, and regulate their emotions, fostering improved mental health and well-being. This is particularly helpful for students dealing with anxiety or other emotional challenges.

These environments spark creativity and imagination, transporting students to various worlds and scenarios. Through interactive storytelling, virtual simulations, or artistic expressions, they can explore new ideas, perspectives, and cultures in a stimulating manner.

fully interactive edge blended immersive room including 2 interactive walls, 2 interactive floors and a range of DMX sensory stimulation hardware, projecting a football stadium and match

Facilitation of Multisensory Learning

By engaging multiple senses simultaneously, The Sensory Immersive Room facilitates multisensory learning experiences, promoting deeper understanding and retention of concepts. With interactive projections and auditory stimuli, students can explore and interact with educational content, enhancing their overall learning experience.


fully interactive immersive room including 2 interactive walls and 1 interactive floor. displaying the emoji scatter activity to enhance sensory stimulation

Personalised Learning

Immersive rooms enable personalised learning experiences, catering to the unique strengths and interests of children with special needs. Teachers and therapists can adjust content and activities to match individual learning styles, preferences, and abilities. Thus, each child receives tailored support for success.

Accessible Technology

Immersive rooms, equipped with accessible technology, accommodate diverse abilities and disabilities. They provide an inclusive platform for children with special needs to explore, learn, and thrive. With tailored interventions, personalised learning experiences, and opportunities for social interaction, these rooms enhance the educational journey and quality of life for such children.

Enhanced Sensory Stimulation

By adding a wind machine, users can feel the sensation of wind brushing against their skin, enhancing the tactile experience. This adds depth to the immersion, making it more engaging and realistic. Similarly, aromatherapy introduces pleasant scents that evoke emotions and memories, enhancing the olfactory aspect of the experience

fully interactive immersive corner including interactive walls interactive floor, ceiling projection and a DMX RGB bubble wall

Calming and Relaxing Effect

Both wind and aromatherapy have calming effects on the mind and body. The gentle breeze from the wind machine soothes, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Similarly, scents like lavender or chamomile in aromatherapy help users unwind and de-stress in the immersive room.

fully interactive immersive room including 4 interactive walls, and a range of DMX sensory stimulation hardware

Customisable Experience

The wind machine and aromatherapy unit are easily customisable to suit individual preferences and needs. Users can adjust the wind intensity, airflow direction, and scent type to create a personalized sensory experience. This allows them to tailor the experience to their specific preferences and sensory sensitivities.




Customisable Experiences within the Editor Portal

In the Editor portal, you can program every detail of the sensory experience in the immersive room. Picture crafting a scene like an autumn stroll through the forest, meticulously designed to transport you to this serene environment.

Stepping into the room, towering trees with golden leaves envelop you, sunlight dappling the forest floor. Interact with the scene, causing leaves to rustle, adding to the immersive realism.

As the visuals captivate, lighting shifts to warm orange hues, mirroring autumn foliage, enhancing immersion.

But it doesn’t end there. Adjust the wind machine to mimic gentle whispers through trees, feeling the breeze against your skin, deepening the forest tranquility.

Completing the journey is aroma—the aromatherapy unit infuses the unmistakable scent of the forest. Breathe deeply, transported deeper into the experience, awakening senses and evoking calm.

Free Online Editor Portal

Upon successful activation, Imaginate unlocks a wealth of possibilities, granting free access to its powerful creative suite. This suite is a game-changer, offering an extensive array of multimedia resources and customization options. Thus, you can design interactive activities tailored precisely to your users’ preferences and requirements. Whether your goal is to educate, entertain, or inform, the portal provides the tools needed to captivate your audience.

Accessing a comprehensive library of images, sounds, and videos, you can create visually stunning and immersive experiences. Additionally, Imaginate seamlessly integrates your own media content, further personalizing the experience. This level of customization ensures your activities deeply resonate with users, fostering stronger connection and engagement.

fully interactive immersive room including 2 interactive walls and a range of DMX sensory effect hardware. displaying educational numeracy activities

Editor Pro

Unlock total control with Imaginate Pro and unleash your creativity through the activation of the storyboard editor. This powerful tool empowers you, offering full control to craft interactive stories or creative quizzes to your vision.

With the storyboard editor, you can design immersive narratives or engaging quizzes effortlessly. Whether weaving a captivating tale or testing knowledge with interactive questions, the possibilities are endless. The intuitive interface simplifies scene arrangement, interactive element addition, and idea realisation. Furthermore, Imaginate Pro offers real-time statistical data. This feature enables you to track user engagement, measure activity effectiveness, and gain insights into user behaviour.

With this data at your disposal, you can tailor activities to meet user requirements and preferences. Whether adjusting content, fine-tuning interactions, or targeting improvement areas, Imaginate Pro’s real-time feedback optimises your efforts, maximising activity impact

Experience the difference today – Contact us now to explore how our Sensory Immersive Environment can significantly enhance the lives of individuals through profound sensory stimulation, improved memory recall and deeper emotional connections.

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