Soft Play Sensory Room and Environments

A versatile and cost-effective solution designed for floor projection. With the optional trolley, this system offers remarkable flexibility, allowing you to use it on the floor, table, wheelchair tray, or bed

Soft play sensory room and environments

Promote social interaction, communication and creativity with our soft play sensory room and environments for children and caregivers. Enhance playful engagement in a safe and stimulating setting.

Why us

Integrex offers custom soft play sensory rooms, supporting gross motor skill development in a safe and playful environment. Our expert team will design a personalised room proposal from our extensive range of soft play equipment, starting with an initial site consultation.


The soft play sensory room provides a safe and stimulating environment, offering diverse sensory experiences to enhance sensory skills, mood, and reduce stress. Additionally, it promotes social interaction, communication and creativity.

Soft padded sensory room


We ensure accessibility for all with custom built hoist platforms in our soft play sensory areas. These platforms allow individuals with limited mobility to access items like ball pits and other engaging elements.


Customisable soft play spaces tailored to your needs – Our extensive range of soft play equipment provides endless possibilities for your ideal soft play environment.

Consultation- During a site visit or remote session we will discuss with you the room details, user needs and budget, helping us recommend the best soft play equipment for your space.

Design: Our in house team creates an initial drawing and quotation based on the consultation, allowing room for any customisations you desire for your soft play area.

Get results

Experience the power of sensory soft play – A thoughtfully designed space with countless benefits for all ages, especially Individuals with sensory processing difficulties or special needs.

Sensory stimulation: Engage the senses with tactile, auditory, visual and vestibular experiences to promote sensory exploration.

Sensory integration: Interacting with different textures, sounds and visuals enhances coordination, body awareness, and sensory integration.

Calming environment: Comfortable seating, quiet areas and gentle lighting create a soothing ambiance, reducing anxiety, stress and sensory overload.

Motor skill development: Soft play equipment such as foam blocks, tunnels and mats encourage movement, balance and coordination.

Emotional regulation: A safe haven for emotions, allowing individuals to explore and express themselves freely

Contact us today to learn more about our soft-play-environments and how we can help you create a space that allows your users to explore in a safe environment.

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